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Elisabeth (Smitty), 20. I love my college, nail polish is my lifestyle, and I watch a lot of TV and movies. I also tend to be sassy sometimes...

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This summer, put your phone away for a few days. Make some memories that no-one knows about. Make some memories that are just yours.

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Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn. My god, do you learn.
—C. S. Lewis (via breakandheal)

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It is the overwhelming drive for excellence that makes the women on the show so real. It sometimes feels that this kind of ambition is not allowed to exist on TV. Sure, women can have high-powered careers and be very successful. But this is different. This is a show that not only portrays ambitious women, but is actively about professionally ambitious women and how they relate to each other and society. [x]

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I laughed and said, ‘Life is easy.’ What I meant was, ‘Life is easy with you here, and when you leave, it will be hard again.’
—Miranda July, No One Belongs Here More Than You  (via somebodytoloves)

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I’m like that. Either I forget right away or I never forget.
Waiting for Godot (via asfierceaslions)

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