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Elisabeth (Smitty), 20. I love my college, nail polish is my lifestyle, and I watch a lot of TV and movies. I also tend to be sassy sometimes...


i wish i had the ability to care about anything other than tv and books

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(noun)- a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days

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Forever curating my blog to be the perfect mix of photography, my favorite tv shows, otps, my favorite celebrities, and an occasional quote.

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I sometimes get so overwhelmed by the drama and the action happening in everyone else’s life. Then, I suddenly take a step back and stop worry about my own problems, because I’m too concerned with everyone else’s. 

It’s all just incredible exhausting.

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Smush 💤

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Bby tree🌿

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Life Decisions

Do I…

  1. Rewatch House
  2. Rewatch Grey’s Anatomy
  3. Start House of Cards
  4. Start Sons Of Anarchy
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A very special cake for a very special birthday girl @kathrynlynn21

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Just trying not to have a mental breakdown right now.

Tomorrow I find out if I’m in a sorority. Many of my friends don’t understand why I’m trying to join one, but this is a decision that is very personal to me. I spend a lot of time worrying about everyone else, making sure everyone around me is ok. In addition, the cheesy-ness of sisterhood is such an important thing to me. For most of my life, I’ve had super close groups of girl friends, like high school swim team and summer camp. It’s a relationship that is created by a central theme/bond, but then grows since everyone spends so much time together.

So naturally joining a sorority would be a great things. And going through recruitment again was so different this time, because I fell in love with one sorority, and I could totally see myself there. Whatever happens tomorrow, I know I already have an amazing group of friends, and no matter what they are the best ever. But I’m sitting here, totally afraid of what’s going to happen tomorrow. All I can do is wait.

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Having a minor Friday Night Lights fangirling moment.

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Today’s Topic: Photography

I naturally have a bad memory. Sometimes I can’t even remember what I ate 20 minutes ago. Therefore, remembering what I did last year, or two years ago, is almost impossible. One of the only ways I hold on to my memories is through photographs. I embrace my iPhone camera, and the convenience of being able to take out my phone quickly and capture a specific moment. Though iPhone cameras are definitely not of the same quality as other cameras, I care more about taking photos quickly (and often candidly) than getting the highest quality photo.

I sometimes wonder if I should just drop out of school and become a photographer. However, I know this isn’t practical whatsoever, and therefore I want to make it a goal of mine to increase my knowledge and practice in photography this year.

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There are times where I forget how amazing my friends are. Luckily I have moments and memories to help me remember.

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ugh, Friday Night Lights, the feelings you give me

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I think the reason I stay up so late all the time is because I get to spend the time alone. The silence is so loud, but in a great way.

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Well, I did it again, I’m obsessed with another show. I’m now hooked on watching One Tree Hill.

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